Gliding Over All

Gliding Over All

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Walter meets with Lydia to obtain the names of Mike's associates. Lydia partners with him to expand his distribution overseas to the Czech Republic. Walter takes the names to Todd's uncle, who has ties with Aryan Brotherhood gangs operating in the prisons. The nine prisoners and Mike's lawyer, including at least one ready to flip for Hank, are killed. Walter's meth production runs profitably and uninhibited. Skyler makes another effort to convince Walter to give up meth production, and Walter ultimately relents. Walter pays back Jesse his cut of the planned methylamine sale, and ceases the production and distribution of his methamphetamine. The Whites' children move back in, and the family seems to be back in order. During a lunch by the pool, Hank skims through Walter's copy of Leaves of Grass, and realizes that Walter is Heisenberg. Stream now

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